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Actually, Hatred the game *is* a problem
PC Powerplay writes "The game is problematic all by its...
-3 Hours ago
3 Big Gaming Trends for 2015 You Need to Know
What will the new year bring for video games? We ask our pan...
-3 Hours ago
Opinion: More publishers need to emulate CD Projekt Red's bravery
CD Projekt Red's bravery in delaying The Witcher 3: Wild...
-3 Hours ago
Learn Game Programming
DeVry's Game and Simulation Programming curriculum will prepare you for taking on various development roles in the game industry.
WQ 32: Whats A Game You Dont Like But Others Do?
Noah says, "On this weeks question we venture over to a...
-3 Hours ago
Destinys Iron Banner Returns with Level 31 Gear
Lord Saladin has returned to Destinys Tower for the third ti...
-3 Hours ago
What It Means to Be a Hero: Links Iconic Role in the Zelda Series
Zelda Informer: "Zelda games come in many shapes and si...
-3 Hours ago
Controllers & Keyboards Episode # 5 - Game of the Year 2014
As 2014 winds down to a close, Controllers & Keyboards h...
-3 Hours ago
Assassins Creed Rogue Review | CoinOpTV
Assassins Creed Rogue gives the player more of everything pe...
-3 Hours ago
Curious Expeditions Has the Potential to be Great | TwoDashStash
Curious Expeditions has you trekking through a randomly gene...
-3 Hours ago
Dead Island: Epidemic character spotlight Xian Mei and Hailey
Xian Mei has managed to survive thus far using her sharp min...
-3 Hours ago
ScrewAttack Announces its New 2015 Lineup
The wildly popular video game entertainment channel, ScrewAt...
-3 Hours ago
The Wii U exclusive games to watch in 2015
MMGN: It's another big year for Wii U exclusives.
-3 Hours ago
Preview: DeathTrap Satanic Tower Defense Fun Mixed with Action RPG [XLC Gaming Network]
XLC Gaming Network writes:- Neocore Games DeathTrap has magi...
-3 Hours ago
LA Cops is Full of 70s Police-Show Action | Hardcore Gamer
Los Angeles is a tough town with tough criminals, and it nee...
-3 Hours ago
Neo Scavenger Review - The Lobbi
Created by Daniel Fedor, an ex- BioWare turned Indie, Neo Sc...
-3 Hours ago

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What is Nintendo Wii?
Nintendo Wii is the successor to the Nintendo GameCube. Until its official name was announced on April 27, 2006, the Nintendo Wii was known by the codename Nintendo Revolution. The Nintendo Wii is quite different from its competitors the Xbox 360 and PS3. Instead of focusing on graphical power Nintendo with its Wii will change the way people play games. The system is unique in that the console's controller - affectionately dubbed the 'wii-mote' - can be used as a handheld pointing device as well as detecting motion in all three dimensions. The controller also contains a speaker and a rumbling device. The Nintendo Wii is expected for worldwide release in the fourth quarter of 2006.

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Nintendo Wii News Archive
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E3 2006: Nintendo Wii Shooting Demo 11 May 2006 16:24
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Miyamoto defends decision not to go down HD route 11 May 2006 12:05
Super Mario Galaxy may not be ready for launch 11 May 2006 12:01
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E3 06: Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and first trailer 11 May 2006 06:43
Video of Nintendo Press Conference: E3 2006 10 May 2006 19:55
WarioWare: Smooth Moves - Preview 09 May 2006 17:49
Super Mario Galaxy - Preview 09 May 2006 17:45
Project H.A.M.M.E.R. - Preview 09 May 2006 17:39
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Preview 09 May 2006 17:36
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Preview 09 May 2006 17:33
Excite Truck - Preview 09 May 2006 17:28
Disaster: Day of Crisis - Preview 09 May 2006 17:23
Wii Sports - Preview 09 May 2006 16:52
Nintendo at E3 2006 09 May 2006 14:19
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